Hi, my name's Betty and I'm a little bit obsessed with all things cross stitch and embroidery...

I design and stitch every hoop by hand from my little house in Cheshire, UK, and can usually be found covered in embroidery thread with about five projects on the go!

Embroidery isn't a granny sport any more, (haven't you heard?) and I love to mix and match traditional stitching techniques and materials with fun mottos and bold colours to make you smile and brighten up those pesky bare walls.

I put a lot of love into each of my designs and I like to share my making process over on Instagram, so you can watch each hoop's journey from start to finish. If you want to take a look please follow @makeitbetty so you can see for yourself!

Want to get stitching? Check out my PDF patterns! And if you'd rather design your own, take a peek at my Sketch it Stitch it books too.

Thanks for stopping by!

Betty x

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